The Crew

Ayla Besemer, 18-years-old — Ayla is an avid explorer and passionate advocate for ocean conservation.  Her experience includes: Student Explorer (youth ambassador) for the Monterey Bay Aquarium;  published author in Astronomy Magazine;  editor of the Kids Page for the Pine Brook Press;  published journalist in the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper;  and accomplished Suzuki violinist.  Aboard Three@Sea she is learning how children live around the world, celebrating our kinship and diversity.

Kathryn Besemer — Kathryn is currently a dedicated full-time mom, but was formerly an accomplished marketing executive in both Silicon Valley and Colorado.  She has worked for leading edge companies like Apple Computer, NeXT Computer, and Celestial Seasonings, and also conceived and started two companies with her husband David.  Kathryn is passionate about education, optimistic about the world, and eternally moved by the magic of the ocean. She sees the Three@Sea odyssey as an opportunity to blend all of these into something that makes a difference in the world.

David Besemer — A lifelong boater and serial entrepreneur, David is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Cisco’s Data Virtualization Business Unit.  His diverse technical and business experience includes pure research at General Electric’s R&D Lab, program trading on Wall Street, and engineering and product marketing management in Silicon Valley.  David hopes the Three@Sea adventure inspires Ayla and other kids to be world ambassadors.

Piccadilly (a.k.a. “Dilly”) — Dilly is an orange and white tabby cat, adopted from the Boulder Humane Society in August 2006 at the tender age of 12 weeks.  She grew up as an indoor kitty in the foothills of  Boulder, as her larger feline cousins (mountain lions and bobcats) lived in her backyard.  Dilly loves sleeping, chasing her tail, hiding under rugs, and keeping the household staff busy scratching under her chin. The whole boat adventure was not her first choice, but she is tolerating it because she gets to hang out with her family all the time. She does love keeping an eye on all the seabirds from the pilothouse dashboard. “The ship may be called Three@Sea, but the dingy is named after me!”